Race Results From July 1 After Hours Street Drags

Results from July 1 After Hours Street Drags

Name Car City
8.00 Index Win Mark Daniels 85 Pontiac South Boardman
R-Up Charles Marlatt Mustang Bailey
Semi Rick Kortman 69 Mustang McBain
Semi Doug McLain 92 Mustang McBain
Quarter Josh Patton 01 Z28 South Boardman
Quarter Perry Danials 85 Trans Am South Boardman
9.00 Index Win James Persinger 79 Fleetwood Manistee
R-Up Dale Loeks 77 Trans Am McBain
Semi Kent Stevens 72 Valiant Thompsonville
Semi Dave Fishbach 66 Impala SS Bellaire
Quarter Danny Angell 85 Mustang 302 Scottville
Quarter Rob Hansu 82 Yamaha 75D Hale
Quarter Josh Wissner 02 Chevy 2500 Duramax Free Soil
Quarter Nathan Cebula 89 Camaro Bear Lake
10.00 Index Win Jim Evans 71 Skylark Benzonia
R-Up Dustin Ruehle 05 Dakota Alpena
Semi Ryan Pratt 04 Cavalier East Lake
Quarter Louie Gelakosky 98 Jeep Benzonia
Quarter Aaron Shackleford 98 Lumina Manistee
Quarter Scott Swander 70 Challenger Benzonia
11.00/12.00 Index Win Danielle Carriveau 95 Neon Alpena
R-Up Bob Knop 63 Plymouth Thompsonville
Semi Erik Knudson GMC Sierra Honor
Semi Troy Gale 95 Mustang Kaleva
Smokey Burnout Contest Win Melvin Cebula 86 Firebird Bear Lake

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