Results from ’14th Annual Mopars Against the World’ Saturday, July 30th, 2011 at Northern Michigan Dragway

 ’14th Annual Mopars Against the World’
Saturday, July 30th, 2011
Name Car City
$1500 Win
Win John ‘Hoot’ Gibson 69 Nova Charlevoix
R-Up Robby Girven 86 Firebird Bear Lake
Semi Bud Roof 85 Toyota East Jordan
Semi Greg Kish Shelby Twp.
Quarter Chris Davis Springport
Quarter Mike Stokes 72 Challenger Kaleva
Quarter Larry Lorenz 69 Camaro Traverse City
$5000 Win
Win Pat Ney 68 Dart Bad Axe
R-Up Scott Green 74 Nova Stronach
Semi Scott Hoernlein 73 Duster Saginaw
Quarter Roger Reed 79 Futura Ionia
Quarter Milo Ayers 68 Charger Ithaca
Quarter Klint Bailey 72 Dart Harrison
Eighths Gary Williams Columbiaville
Eighths Chad Brintnell 86 Mustang McBain
Eighths Al McChesney 67 Belvedere Freeland
Eighths Jeff Green 02 Hayabusa Grand Haven
Eighths Steve Milliman 75 Monza Bear Lake
Eighths Ron Hagar 94 Roadmaster Clark Lake
Sixteenths David McChesney 70 Duster Saginaw
Sixteenths Gary Rank II 88 Mustang Manistee
Sixteenths Gary Wood 69 AMX Manistee
Sixteenths Joe Osga 57 Belair Fife Lake
Sixteenths Michael Daugul 69 Dart Swinger Rogers City
Sixteenths Mike Stokes 72 Challenger Kaleva
Sixteenths Bob VanDeWater 71 Challenger Cadillac
Sixteenths Skylar Drews St. Johns
Sixteenths Geoff Pitts 67 Camaro Shelby Twp.
Sixteenths Phil Gunther 79 Camaro Beulah
Sixteenths Rich Perdue 68 Mustang Bay City
Win Robby Girven 86 Firebird Bear Lake
R-Up Nathan Cebula 89 Camaro Bear Lake
Semi John Creel 84 Mustang Bear Lake
Semi Dennis Gilman 82 Firebird Bear Lake
Quarter Gary ‘Buck’ Howell 86 Jeep Beulah
Quarter Marissa McLaughlin 68 Chevelle SS Manistee
Quarter Gary Rank II 88 Mustang Manistee
Quarter Calvin Lutz Bear Lake
STREET TROPHY Win Williams Racing Honor
R-Up Randy Price 95 TransAm Charlevoix
Semi Jim Evans 71 Skylark Benzonia
Quarter Ron Dougherty 88 Mustang Manistee
Quarter Daniel Saffron 87 TransAm
Eighths Dustin Cesaro 92 Mustang GT East Jordan
Eighths Aaron Shackelford 98 Lumina Manistee
Eighths Dan Allen 66 Chevrolet Lake
Eighths Jim Abbott 95 Camaro Lake
JUNIORS Win Hunter Acha 12 07 Gage Interlochen
R-Up Jameson Perdue 15 Quad Bay City
Semi Cheyenne Douglas 11 Jegster Ludington
Semi Austin Williams 10 Dragster Columbiaville

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