Press Release from August 28, 2011 – McCormick Breaks Record at Northern Michigan Dragway & Upcoming Events

McCormick Sets Records at Northern Michigan Dragway.

(Contributing Author Tina Mikus)

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Kaleva –

Northern Michigan Dragway this past weekend on Friday Night held it’s 5th Night Moves Event and on Saturday Night the 13th Bracket Race of the Season. If you had gone a half of mile in either direction of the race track you would of been met with rain, nobody would of thought that there would be any racing Friday Night at Northern Michigan Dragway. To most surprise Northern Michigan Dragway was the only place that it was not raining. The great turnout of race entries and fans were treated to a fun night of racing. Night Moves is similar to After Hours Street Drags events where you can run whatca brung but your vehicles do not need to be street legal. Both After Hours Street Drags and Night Moves are Great events to have fun and are a affordable way to find out what your car can. Our next and final Night Moves of the Season is Saturday September 3rd at 7pm. The final After Hours Street Drags event of the season will be September 10th at 8pm.

Coming in to Saturday the two of the Dragster Track Records that would challenge at Northern Michigan Dragway was the Elapse Time (E.T.) record of 4.50 seconds and the Mile per Hour (mph) record of 162 mph. These records have stood at Northern Michigan Dragway for some time and have many have challenged them. Late this past week Northern Michigan Dragway learned that Jeremy McCormick of Fountain, a racer that would time to time race at Northern Michigan Dragway, was planning on bringing out his 06 Undercover Dragster to take down either one or both of the records. McCormick on his first attempt of the night he took down both records running an E.T. of 4.405 seconds at 163mph in the 1/8 mile. His 60 foot time was an amazing 1.018 seconds. Feeling that he had the car tuned in, Jeremy McCormick made a 2nd past, and this time his E.T. was 4.36 seconds at 164.74 mph in the 1/8 mile. This time the 60 foot time was 1.017 seconds. So the new Northern Michigan Dragway Dragster Track Record for E.T. is 4.37 and the New Track Dragster Record for Speed is 164.74mph.

Jeremy McCormick doing a Burnout

Once again the excitement for the McCormick family didn’t end there as Jeremy’s 12 year old daughter Madisyn added to the already thrilling night, by winning the Jr Dragster competition with her 2007 Gage Jr Dragster. This family may have added a new record to history but the history of racing is not new to them.  Madisyn is a 3rd generation racer guided by her dad and grandfather- Jerry McCormick. Both of the McCormick Sawmill sponsored dragsters completed the night in the Winner Circle together and when they were asked who they would like to give a special thanks to, they each said “my dad”.

With 13 of 14 Bracket Race Points events now complete, the track championships on the line in some classes and in other classes the championships are now cemented. With the close battles in some classes every point matters and a win can change a lot. With Saturday’s win Rick LaRocque of Beulah with his 2000 Mustang move from 3rd to 1st place in the Bracket II Point Standings. The former Points leader now 2nd place Mike Stokes of Honor is 29 Points back, and 3rd place Bill Fluette of Interlochen is 34 points out of first place. The points Finale for Bracket Racing are next Sunday September 4 starting with Time Trials at 6pm.

Next Weekend at Northern Michigan Dragway

Saturday, September 3 – Night Moves  * Final Points Day *

Pro Tree, Heads-Up, Time Trials, Fun Drags, Eliminations

Pro $$ 6.00, 6.50, 7.00, 7.50, 8.00

Pro Trophy 8.00, 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00

Time Trials 7pm/Race 9pm

Pit Pass $10, Children (8-13) $5

Sunday, September 4 – Bracket Race * Final Points Day *

Br I, Br II, Br III, Trophy & JD

Time Trials 6pm/Race 8pm

Pit Pass $10, Children (8-13) $5

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