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Tel 231.362.3439 
13991 Potter Road Kaleva, MI 49645 

Howard Prescott
Track Photographer
phone: (734) 713-7047, cell (313) 720-8256

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If you need action shots of your race vehicle, be it a sled, motorcycle, dragster, altered or car, Howard is the man!  We all have taken shots of cars from the spectator stands and for some reason they never come close to the quality, sharpness and picture position as those done by the PRO himself.  Getting a photo on the starting pad that looks great takes timing and the right equipment, Howard has them both!  Top of the line professional cameras, special lighting and flash equipment and the EXPERIENCE!

Contact Howard and let him know that you are interested in his photos, tell him the type of shots you would like.  Howard does regular print sizes all the way to full blown Poster size shots! 

Make sure you tell Howard before you make your runs that you want the BEST pictures, make the arrangements and just wait for PRO to take over.

You can call Howard at (734) 261-4773

You can email Howard at

Some Examples of what Howard can do with your Photo



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